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GopheResearch is a “Monster.com” for undergraduate research to help widen opportunities for UMN undergraduates to participate in research. GopheResearch was developed by Kashif Qureshi, an undergraduate in CBS.

The objective of this tool is to provide an efficient means for undergraduates to find research opportunities of different types (e.g., paid positions, work-study, directed research, UROP) within our college or more broadly at our university (we are starting with CBS researchers and will expand to faculty in other colleges). We expect this tool to be beneficial during the COVID-19 pandemic because opportunities for undergraduates will be limited by the need to practice physical spacing and to utilize shift work in research labs. We hope the use of this tool will help widen the base of faculty seeking to serve as mentors to undergraduate students. We also hope this tool will provide a means to more efficiently match students with mentors.

Why I designed GopheResearch?

Finding research should not be a problem at an R1 University. By creating this website and tool I hope to streamline the research-seeking process by allowing for effective communication, offering a more precise, targeted search, and moving past cold emails. The database is updated in real-time and will always have the latest lab opportunities.

I encourage students from Minnesota's racial/ethnic minority and underrepresented communities to venture into research opportunities to gain valuable experiences, forge relationships and build a professional network that may help reduce the impact of structural inequities in our system. Personally, research has opened many doors for me that I never would have thought possible. I am positive it will do the same for you. Go-for-research!

How It Works

CBS students are encouraged to apply to the Dean's Undergraduate Research program


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